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As you recall, in MGT301 (Principles of Management), attention was given in SLP 5 to building critical thinking and problem-solving skills, along with information-literacy skills. In the SLP 5 assignment for MGT499 (Strategic Management), you had the opportunity to develop your business critical-thinking skills more fully by applying strategic management principles to your chosen organization in the process of addressing key stakeholders about strategic initiatives that may be of concern (older iterations of MGT499 focused solely on the shareholder).

And finally, in BUS499 (BSBA Integrative Project) you will focus your Module 5 SLP on honing your critical-thinking and information-literacy skills.

You’ve put a lot of work into your analyses of the four perspectives considered in the Balanced Scorecard process. Now it’s time to put it all together! In this module, you’ll be preparing an argumentative essay on the SLPs from Modules 1–4.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Utilizing Trident’s library resources, identify at least one case study of an organization that utilizes a Balanced Scorecard approach, and three additional peer-reviewed papers on the topic of the Balanced Scorecard. Do some additional reading as well. Based on the case study found in the literature, conduct a critical analysis arguing whether your “SLP organization” would do a better or worse job of implementing the BSC approach. If your organization has already implemented BSC, then compare implementation success of your “SLP organization” with the case study from the literature. 

In conducting your analysis formulate a thesis statement and provide a well-thought-out argument in a 3- to 5-page document that compares implementation as described in the case study with what you would expect out of your “SLP organization.” Here are a couple of example thesis statements you might want to consider with appropriate revisions. 

  • Based on my review of [XYZ Corporation’s] implementation of the Balanced Scorecard approach and review of recent BSC-related literature, I believe it would (or would not) be worth implementing the Balanced Scorecard approach in my SLP organization. 
  • Based on my review of the current literature I believe my chosen organization has (or has not) done a better job of implementing the Balanced Scorecard approach than [XYZ Corporation]. 

Compare and contrast the BSC implementation success of the organization outlined in the case study you found in your literature search with the success you would expect (or have experienced) in your chosen organization. Utilize the peer-reviewed papers to support your arguments. Above all, your arguments should be convincing and well supported by the literature.

Be honest! If you don’t think your organization is up to the challenge, then say so and provide some academically based resources to support your claim. For instance, if you do not think the leadership of your organization would be able to pull it off, then find some leadership-based research to help support your claims. Remember, convincing the reader is key. 


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