Lane Community College Apple Inc Success Case Study Discussion

Please read the Case: Apple Inc. from the Textbook. Based on the case and your research using the Mergent Online database (Report provided on the link below) answer the following questions: 1. Is Apple a successful company? Justify your answer (compare Apple’s financial performance with its main competitors). 2. What are the main sources of its success? (Value chain, resources? Valuable/rare/difficult to imitate/difficult to substitute? Tangible/intangible?)

For the assignment based on Mergent Online database, please bring a hard copy of a 1-page report in which you include relevant data from database for you response on Blackboard. You may combine data from several reports/statements. For example, if you argue that Apple Inc is a successful company because it has high profitability and large cash reserves, you may want to include in your 1-page report data on Apple’s profitability and cash reserves form their Balance Sheet and Income statement.

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**Also there will be two response to other classmate discussion, and will provided later on.**

**Please write in simple language.**

Please let me know if there any question. Thanks.

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