Logic Gate and Finite-State Machines with Output project

Project Restrictions.

Note: Your writing projects will be Math Projects, not English or other language writing, and you will write two projects:

Project 1:

Choose from Calculus 3 or higher, and go further than your courses went. Be aware, and think as if you are teaching beginning math majors

Typed report for the materials, at least 3-5 pages. This is not just the lecture notes for Talk, the report will include background material (history, applications, etc.) and a detailed explanation of the result, with heuristic motivation and rigorous mathematical justification; must include a bibliography and citations.

Project 2:

Same thing as project 1, The topic for your final should be a mathematical subject, more complicated than project 1. Cite at least 3 print references (not from the internet) in the bibliography. This will be a professional report improving on Project 1. At least 6-10 pages. I recommend linking the 2 Projects.

From that point, as a student you need to choose your projects 1 and 2, be the book of Discrete Mathematics and its Applications:

ISBN 9780-0-07-338309-5

MHID 0-07-338309-0

Author: Kenneth H. Rosen


Project 1: Chapter 12

Section 12.3

Logic Gates

Project 2: Chapter 13

Section 13.2

Finite-State Machines with Output

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