Loyalty Program

Your marketing team has been asked by the General Manager (GM) to develop a new loyalty program for a mid-sized hotel located in a ski resort.

Develop a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes for the GM that is selling the new loyalty program for the hotel.

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  • Define brand loyalty
  • Explain why loyalty is important to the hotel industry
  • Describe new technology that can support your loyalty program
  • Describe the type of data that you will need to gather from your guests to develop the new program
  • Create a tool to test whether or not your new loyalty program is effective

Format all sources according to APA guidelines.

Submit your presentation.

Note: Grades are awarded based upon individual contributions to the Learning Team assignment. Each Learning Team member receives a grade based upon his/her contributions to the team assignment. Not all students may receive the same grade for the team assignment.


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