mandatory military service and less gun violence.

” My information is on how the military should be instated for all to help with gun violence” Other countries make it a mandatory to serve in the military so I think the United States should also make it mandatory.

This week, you will deconstruct an article into its basic elements and you will find that you will have to identify the “argument” (or thesis), the claims, the evidence, and the conclusion. Your forum discussion should address how did the author of the article you chose “think through” the problem and discover what he wanted to say? (Note, the same article should be used for both the forum and the assignment. The article MUST be peer reviewed and MUST be a research study containing data/findings.

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  • Provide evidence from the weekly readings to support your arguments via APA parenthetical citations.
  • Other sources (if used at all) must be subordinate to your understanding of the readings presented in the class.

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 500 words. Attached is my article to use.

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