Market Audit and Competitive Market Analysis of a laptop for student in Jordan

Not LESS THAN 10 pages

–Market Audit and Competitive Market Analysis

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1. The product: Describe the product as it currently is (not your proposed adaptation). What are its strongest features and major weaknesses? In what stage of the product life cycle is the product in (in the target country)?

2. The market: Describe the total market (not your target market) – The question you want to answer is, “What is the market in which you intend to launch a successful marketing program like?” By conducting this audit of the market you will have a better understanding of market conditions. What are the strengths on which you can build? What constraints exist for which you must compensate? What market features are available for you to utilize in successful marketing program? Who is your competition and what are their strengths and weaknesse?

joint is a sample of the paper from an other country and also the information about the laptop

my part in the paper is these two not all what is in the sample so please just focus on what is written here than start with the paper

there is 2 parts in this paper now we have to start working on part 2 which starts from page 13 in the sample I attached

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