Market Entry Project – Disneyland in Dubai

How Disneyland/Disney World enter in Dubai ??

Assume you want to set a Disneyland/Disney World in Dubai, design a market entry plan by analyzing the following:

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INTRODUCTION- A brief profile of the firm and product or service. A justification for the choice of country and mode of entry should be discussed.

MACROENVIRONMENT- An analysis of the macroenvironment of the selected country with an emphasis on the factors that are relevant to the firm. PESTEL

COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS-Assess the market conditions such as size of market, market growth rate, consumers and sales analysis. How will your firm attain competitive analysis.

FINANCIAL ANALYSIS-Projections of future earnings via pro-forma financial statements.

MODE OF ENTRY- A mode of entry into the foreign market must be selected. Pertinent factors surrounding this mode should be covered.

CULTURAL TIPS-Any customs and cultural differences specific to the selected country that impact business operations.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND SUSTAINABILITY. Address any issues around ethical or unethical business practices. Also consider the environmental and ecological practices that impact your company and the product you have selected.

The purposes of this project is to learn about the many complexities involved with going international. The project also allows you to employ some of the international management concepts that you have come across during the term. Specific details are provided next.

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