Marketing and Entrepreneurial Orientation

reading the Miles and Arnold 1991 then response

Choose one of the provided prompts or come up with your own.

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Write a 300 word responseIf you are not getting enough words with one prompt, you may pick a second to fill out the response requirement.

Most of the words should be your own. You may use a “tasteful” amount of direct quotation from the articles, but I am really looking for your own thoughts.

Background InformationAn organization’s business orientation is its “underlying philosophy, which tends to flavor the overall decision-making framework of its management” (Miles & Arnold, 1991). In marketing, we tend to think of business orientations in terms of product, sales, and marketing orientation. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, please refer to this website (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.which outlines the evolution of marketing orientation. The idea of an entrepreneurial orientation is likely a new concept to you. The fact is, a company can orient itself to whatever the heck it wants! This is why we still see firms with a production orientation or a sales orientation, even though (as a trend) the majority of companies will seek to meet customer needs. The purpose of this paper was to determine whether “the marketing orientation and entrepreneurial orientation represent the same or two unique business philosophies” (Miles & Arnold, 1991).There will be sections of this paper that you will not understand. You can read through the words on pp. 56-58 if you have any background in Factor Analysis, Principle Components Analysis, or Correlation Analysis. I can talk about the importance of Factor Loadings in class or through supplemental materials if anyone is interested. Otherwise, you can ignore those pages.

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