Network security

Let’s look at a real-world scenario of how one of the world’s largest banks was challenged to harden network and data center critical infrastructure security deception measures without degrading the high performance required in the financial services industry. The bank’s network security team (NST) was charged with institutionalizing a network security certification process to measure the resiliency (performance, security, and stability) of every element of the network before and after deployment. The goal for the team was to right size the critical infrastructure for each line of business without introducing risk, ensuring that they did not overor underinvest in the network infrastructure. The team used a standardized and repeatable program to certify that devices are able to:

• Protect sensitive customer data from external deception attacks and

insider threats.

• Ensure cyber secure, rapid financial transactions.

• Reduce the risk of legal liabilities associated with noncompliance.

Explain how the bank’s network security team should handle this situation.

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