Nightingale- Journal Entry

For this activity, you will review and complete two Epiville modules: Cohort Study and Case Control Study. Epiville is an interactive resource that has some knowledge check questions, but your instructor cannot see your progress and your participation in Epiville is not recorded or graded. 

Paper should just address the questions below, no specific length. APA citationAfter completing the readings for this week, consider the different types of study designs and write a journal entry that addresses the following:

  • Which study design do you think is the most reliable? Why?
  • What about the most comprehensive? Why?
  • Choosing a study design is based on evaluating strengths and weaknesses and comparing it against the type of information you are hoping to gain.
  • Analyze the study designs strengths and weaknesses and then choose one for your final project
  • Select a study design for your final project. Which study design would you use and why?

Note: You do not need to limit your responses to only cohort and case control studies presented in Epiville.

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