obligations of financial managers

obligations of financial managers


Questions 1 and 2 are based on the case study above and they are compulsory to attempt.
1. What obligations did the financial managers have to their shareholders to do whatever is
possible to avoid major financial losses associated with these products?
2. Was the dumping in this case ethical? Those involved in the dumping might have argued
that the people receiving the pajamas would not have otherwise had access to such
clothing and were notified of the health and safety hazards. Does this affect your feelings
about the case? What do you think about the exportation of the Dalkon Shield? Can it be
justified because the rate of dying during childbirth in Third World countries is
extremely high, and, as such, any effective birth control device is better than none?
Mark Dowie, A Dumper’s Guide to Tricks of the Trade, Mother Jones, November 1979, p. 25

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