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·         Professional Organizations and Credentialing

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Choose a health care profession and setting that interests you which you would like to learn more about. In your response identify the following criteria:

I would like Medical office Administration or Medical Assistant

1. What are the primary responsibilities, education and required training of this position?

2. Are there professional organizations that this profession typically belongs to and any pertinent certifications/licensure that is required or highly recommended?

3. What healthcare setting would you find this profession?

4. What setting interests you most to work in once you complete your program and why?

Conduct outside research as needed in order to fully met the assignment criteria. Your response should be double spaced, in APA format and include all references. While there is no page or word requirement, student’s should substantially respond to all prompts.


Textbook: Chapter 1

Potter, B. (2010). Medical office administration: A Worktext. Moorhead, MI: Elsevier. 2nd ed. ISBN#: 978-1-4160-52299-9          


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