paper on Small Cell Lung Cancer

I need a 4 pg. paper not including title and reference page.


correc,t edited, and add to  my  previously submitted papers into a clean, crisp document about Small cell lung cancer . I have attched the documents of the work that I have already done. I guess read it over and revise. They are labled assignment unit 1 3 and 7. Then I want  you to  finish the paper by writing a conclusion. That includes a detailed proposal of solution for your topic problem. Propose a timetable for change to occur, both time-wise and community-wise. For example, will effects of change be observed in current community or will change be generational.

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Please include a title and reference page which reflects your citations as they are found within your paper


So paper should include introduction of small cell lung cancer, main body portion  by addressing details of the problem, how it affects your identified population, and prognosis if left unchecked (personally, financially, and community-wise). and a conclusion. of coarse a title page and a reference page APA formatt.


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