paper project

first of all, we have to write about company that called Patagonia and this paper is assigned for group of 4 people and the whole project is talking about 4 parts :1-ethics and social 2- organizational environment and culture 3- planning and decision making 4- my part which i need you to write about this :

  1. Discussion of management.
  2. In this section, discuss what you’ve learned about management from this exploration. In 2-3 pages, please answer the following questions:
  1. What is “management” from your team’s perspective? Is the definition provided by our text adequate or inadequate to describe the scope of management activities undertaken by these organizations?
  2. Does management matter? How does it matter?
  • Does this organization add to or detract from human and planetary well-being? Why do you take this position?
  1. What are the implications of how this company is run for different stakeholder groups? Choose 2-3 different stakeholder groups that may be juxtaposed.

feel free to ask me any questions

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