paraphrase acknowledgements letter

paraphrase acknowledgements letter 


       First and foremost, I would like to thank to my advisor, Professor Chia-Nan Wang, for his guidance, advice, inspiration and encouragements. The broad knowledge and serious academic attitude of my supervisors would benefit my life and always motivate me to never stopping thinking, learning. He helped me focus on the topic, gave me the corrections by all his patience.

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                I owe special thanks to my classmate, lab mate, for their support and encouragement, for their kind friendship. Without their help, it is difficult for me to do any jobs as good as expected.

        I will never be able to find words adequate to express my profound gratitude to my family, for their love, support, and sacrifice to let me study far from home. Their encouragement and patience made the long journey of research paper writing brighter                                        


June 11th 2013

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