Park University Purchasing and Supply Management Paper

Professional supply or purchasing managers must stay current with the latest concepts and technology, but how is this information obtained and gathered considering the mass of information available? A great way of searching this information is by use of the internet and membership in various associations that support your chosen career field.

The easy part is finding the associations through the use of internet search engine interrogations. The hard part is deciding which one will be of benefit. The basics of membership (number of members), location of local chapters, actual use within your field (ask peers and managers), availability of local meetings and education opportunities are just a few of the considerations that must take place before cost is considered.

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For the Internet Comparison assignment, explore the following web sites:

APICS for Business-



Supply Chain Management Review -

CAPS Research -

ASSIGNMENT: Once you reviewed the websites above provide a paper that (1) summarizes EACH web site/organization focusing on course-related material and (2) explain how each website is applicable to your present or potential career as a logistics professional based on what you’ve learned in the course.

FORMAT: The paper must be of college caliber (grammatically correct with no spelling errors), three to four pages in length, double spaced, 10 or 12 point font, with 1 inch margins, references and intext citations cited per APA format.

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