Parole and Reentry to Society

Complete all assigned reading before attempting the assignment. Your answers must be based on the reading plus add some of your own insightful comments as well. Answer the following question(s). You must have a paragraph for each answer, meaning 2 separate paragraphs. Read pages 378-389. If the link doesnt work, you can find the book on google books.…

  1. In many jurisdictions, parolees can be stopped and searched by parole or police officers at any time, even if there is no probable cause that the parolee has committed a crime. What is the justification for such a policy?
  2. The town of Dyersville, Iowa,has one of the strictest residency requirements in the country: no sex offenders can live anywhere within its limits. What is your opinion of this strategy? How do you feel about residency laws in general?

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