Part 2 Interview Questions

Need about 300 word answers for each questions for roughly around 2700 words total for the paper.

Please answer the questions as though your are going for an interview as an executive manager with a Fortune 500 company. Looking for answers that included organizational leadership, sig sigma, and conceptions from business management.

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1. In your own words what are the Department’s Equal Employment Opportunity goals? What have you done to help meet these goals?

2.As a Executive Manger, what would you do to ensure the success of the Department’s Equal Employment Opportunity program?


3. What do you see as the role of a Executive Manager regarding corporate responsibility and problem-solving?

4.Tell us about a time when you were working on several projects simultaneously. What did you do to make sure that the most important work was getting done first?

5.Tell us about an assignment you’ve had where the work priorities were constantly changing? What did you do to resolve these problems?

6.What have you done to identify problems and concerns in the community (Corporate responsibility)? What did you do to resolve these problems?

7.Describe the assignment or project you worked on that is the best example of your ability to develop and implement a plan of action. What was the outcome and what would you do differently today?


8.Describe your experience preparing and interpreting narrative and statistical reports.

9.Tell us about a time when you dealt with a customer who was upset and wanted to file a complaint. What did you do to deal with this citizen? What was the result?

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