Patient advocasy

  1. Introduction:  Student will introduce the concept paper demonstrating critical thinking skills about your belief concerning the importance of and purpose of this concept in nursing practice, nursing research, nursing leadership/administration and management, and nursing education as appropriate.  (5 points)


  1. Review of the Literature: Student will identify all of the uses of the concept and then compare the concept from the perspective of at least two disciplines (i.e. Psychology, Biology, Management) and then in nursing as obtained through a vigorous review of the literature. This becomes the review of the literature section.


  1. Defining Attributes: Student will then extract the defining attributes of the concept from the review of the literature that he or she has done.  Sometimes it helps if you go back over what you have written and highlight what you think are the attributes. (Don’t include the highlighting in your final paper. Your review of the literature should provide documentation for whatever you report as the defining attributes of your concept.


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  1. Definition of the Concept: Student will define the concept based on his or her synthesis of the literature and the defining attributes. If you decide on the definition of another author cite documentation of your source.


  1. Cases:


b.      Student will identify and describe with examples of each: a borderline, related,

contrary and illegitimate case.


  1. Antecedents and Consequences:  Student will identify all the antecedents for the concept and some of its potential consequences. These may be in list form.



  1. Empirical Referents: Student will give examples of a few empirical referents. These are ways in which the concept can be measured.


Summary and Conclusion

:  This should pull together the major points of your paper and your conclusions

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