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To prepare for this Discussion:


  • Identify the dimension of quality (effectiveness).
  • Research an article that relates to the quality dimension selected. You may use any credible resource for your research. A few examples of journals that you may wish to include in your search: The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine, The Journal of the American Medical Association, the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association, and the Journal of Nursing Care Quality.
  • Evaluate the use of evidence in this article.

    Identify the article you have selected in the first line of your posting and note the related quality dimension  (effectiveness).
  • Briefly summarize the article.
  • Evaluate the use of evidence in this article. Explain the ease or difficulty you experienced in assessing the evidence as a result of the information provided in the article. Share your analysis of the necessary characteristics of quality measurement.
  • Share quality-related questions or insights you have gained from reading this article. 

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