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JL Production, LLC Is a new record music company that has just opened in the United States. It is a record label that my father and I own and is entitled to our E2 Visain order to stay in the United States, invest money, and find other sponsorship and record deals around us to promote our artist. Our record label has opened a year ago and has invested over a million dollars to promote the business, distribution, and product we are selling, being the artist J-Lyse, with a featured album, featured songs and EP presentation with music videos, social media content and promotion.

There is a great importance in innovation the music industry and the new technology being out there. Our goal in the our company is to stand out having innovative music with a caucasian artist singing afro pop music with a grove to it, she’s a musican, singer-songwrtitter, composer, danser, and just very complete and with an original style as a 23 year old artist trying to break it in the industry. Our originality is that we are one of the only record labels to be invested by french people and implemented in Miami working with a Franco-hispanic and American culture.

Our primary division mission and value is to show excellence in our work as a new record company, showing the industry people that we are one of our own to be huge, and have all main record labels wanting to work with us and help invest in our project becoming affiliated with us. We are shooting to reach over 30 millions views to get a deal with either Sony Music Group, Warner Music, or Universal Music Group. Other independents label we could work with as sponsoring goes but for our main goal we want the bigger guys to come in the picture and get the biggest possible deal for the international and become officially affiliated with one of them so that they can then promote all the distribution, tv, radio, press promotion, concerts, and so forth.

Now usually when promoting a business, a comprehensive strategic management model should be done with a precise strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and strategy evaluation. This being the best way to get employees and management to be committed in accomplishing each and every objective. The external and internal audit should be availableto all participants to gather and know about the strategy mission and vision statement. All proposed strategies should be done in writing and listing with a number from 1 to 4 being either not be implemented, , should possibly be implemented, probably should , and definitely should be. It is just a question of respect and communication with our employees and needs.

Our target market being mainly teens up to 45 years old if not older. Mainly the radio people and young adults who love to to festivals and listen to remixes and popular music (example: Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Eminem, Ed Sheeran, Cardi B…).

Now when it comes to strategy implementation, there is obviously and formulation strategy of analytical framework; The Input Stage, The Matching Stage, and the Decision Stage

These these stages are vital to the development of our company, the external factors would be the competitive market being the major labels Sony music group, Warner, and Universal Music Group as well as all the independent labels trying to get in the circle of the majors like us but don’t have near our quality bringing in to the competitive profile. The internal factors being our great and talented recording artist J-Lyse who is as good as her own destruction for herself. Unfortunately when it comes to the Swot analysis evaluation our biggest strengths would be our money to push behind the project, the problem is that we can easily be surrounded by the wrong people who aren’t enough strong in the music resulting in bad employment and defeat in comparison to the major labels who detain all the biggest people. The opportunities is to have a record deal, the threats being the other artist around already signed to the label making it possibly harder to get a deal even though the talent is great they can easily sign you to put you in a drawer and not do anything about you. As well, they get a great percentage on your project and if you don’t sell than you own them the money is so it is as big as an opportunity to a risk ending up in a threat.

Our division addresses our customers needs by putting great quality songs that are at the level of the major labels in service to the world without their needs. This in itself serves as a competitive advantage as we show them we don’t need them and generate a large source of money that they would want a piece of. Usually when record labels sign you they take over 87% of all your rights and publishing rights no matter what just because they have the power and they know how to distribute the best to the masses, which is true but not entirely knowing that we can do a lot of the work by ourselves today. So our business and new vision is to clearly show how we see our future by projecting our project to its maximum ability and that whenever they will want to sign us we can ask for a greater percentage of the deal and still continue to control a good part of the project.

In the end, this only brings values to our vision and mission that shows indefinitely the alignment between our music style, being in the trend along with our market, and becoming hit sellers with our own minds and artistic direction. As far as out cultural context, we are right spot on. An urbain market being the strongest out there but with a white and hispanic figure is the key to all international market, social responsibility involving everyone young, teens, adults, elderly and ethical background that communicates with the entire world.


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