Everyone has the capacity for creative expression. Poetry/spoken word is creative arts therapy tool which creates a tangible links between individuals and the environment around us. 


Think and reflect about your adolescence. Think and imagine back to a time in your adolescents, between the ages of 15-17. Reflect and remember what the changes that were taking place . . . such as starting school or moving. What sports or activities did you participate in? Who did you socialize with . . . ? Describe the peer group or important relationships (peers, teacher, and coaches)? What did you enjoy doing or being with? Do this exercise for a few moments. 

Now, write a spoken word poem below incorporating what you remember through using your sensory memory: describe the sights (for instance your dress, or the design or objects in the home) sounds (what were the sounds you remember or liked to hear), what were the smells you remember, and touch or tactile experiences (for instance the feeling of soft blanket, scratchy wool carpeting, grandma’s warm hugs, etc.) Also, any feelings or thoughts of that time? Describe in detail below. Take these descriptions and make a poem. Also, within the poem you need to incorporate 2-3 of the VIA Character Virtues!

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