policy practice

policy practice

Policy development in Australia is increasingly driven not by policy practice but by politics? Discuss in relation to a particular policy issue.

Introduction tells the reader what the essay is about and how it will unfold. Thus, the bare skeleton of the essay is sketched and the rest of the essay aIDs the meat’. Introductions are usually written in the future tense, that is, This essay will argue . . . ‘. Phrases such as This essay will argue . . . ‘ or The purpose of this essay . . . ‘ are appropriate for introductions. Writing a clear introduction is also a useful exercise because it forces you to directly confront what argument/s your essay will present.

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The body of the essay is where you make your argument and show why it should be viewed as a persuasive answer to the question. The body represents a coherent treatment of the topic as stated in the introduction and consists of a series of major paragraphs/sections that develop in a logical sequence. Support your arguments with evidence that might include data/statistics, opinions, references and reasoning.


The conclusion briefly restates the key argument(s) or themes and their implications. Try to show how your analysis has allowed you to make specific conclusions about the topic.

Required Textbook: Singleton, Altkin, Jinks, Warhurst, 10th edition, 2013 Australian Political Institutions, NSW, Pearson Australia.

Recommended Textbook: Woodward, D.et al 9th edition, 2010 Government, Politics, Power and Policy in Australia, NSW, Pearson Australia.


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