Presbyterian Healthcare Services New Mexico

Presbyterian Healthcare Services New Mexico

Paper # 1 Rubric
Please submit a four to six page double-spaced paper that analyzes the health care organizational model AND the health care delivery system in your institution or agency. If you are not working, select an institution that you previously worked at or one where you were a student. Use information from the assigned readings as a basis for this paper. Be sure to use references from the assigned readings and cite them correctly in this paper.
€¢ Begin with an introductory paragraph about your institution (you may wish to include a brief history about the organization and your history with it).
€¢ State the purpose of the paper.
€¢ What is the organization’s mission statement? Comment on it.
€¢ What is the institution’s overall organizational structure? Is it effective? Why? What are the pros and cons of the organizational structure?
€¢ What is the administrative and staff leadership structure and what are the lines of accountability?
€¢ What is the nursing care delivery model used in your nursing unit or agency? Is it effective? What are the pros and cons of the delivery care model?
€¢ After your analysis, summarize your thoughts about the overall effectiveness of the organization..
€¢ Write a concluding/summary paragraph
€¢ Include, as an aIDitional page, an administrative flow chart that shows the lines of accountability in your institution.
€¢ Include €“ as an aIDitional page €“ a correctly referenced (APA) list and at least three aIDitional correctly cited references (include the mission statement of your institution as one reference).

General Writing Guidelines
€¢ Every paper must have a title page.
€¢ Every paper must follow APA formatting.
€¢ Every paper should have a paragraph of introduction.
€¢ Each paragraph should have a topic sentence.
€¢ There should be a transition sentence between paragraphs. Generally, paragraphs should not be longer than 5-6 sentences.
€¢ There should be a concluding or summarizing paragraph.
€¢ Every paper should have these elements.

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