PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder)

INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT TASK 1:  Present a rationale for the selected health priority area, which could inform your Health Promotion wiki ( Assessment Task 2). This can be entirely individual choice of topic for this task.

Research a health priority area that may be used to form an introduction or part of a larger group online promotion directed toward a target group e.g. youth (12–18 years), young adults (18–30 years) or seniors (60+)In your priority areas, show evidence of credible and current research data to illustrate that this is a valid argument.

Write a 1500 word rationale for the selected focus. The rationale should address the following requirements:Define the health priority and state why it is a priority. Include information on what it is and whom it affects.Illustrate the positioning of the priority in frameworks of wellbeing.Justify a case for the inclusion of the specific area within that health priority that you are investigating for your target audience.Demonstrate an understanding and application of models of heath promotion such as the Ottawa charter in your case for developing a health promotion initiative.

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