Questionnaire/Experimental Design Exercise

Instructions: Think of a public relations situation that involves either a problem you wish to resolve or an opportunity you wish to use to your advantage. Suppose you have decided that you can best achieve your goal through some means of communication.

1. In a sentence or two, describe the PR situation.

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2. Describe the communication you are planning to use. What is the PR technique, a newsletter, a VNR, a speaker series, etc. . . . what is it?

3. Design the experiment you would use to test the effectiveness of your chosen communication technique. Provide the following:

a. The Experimental Design Including:

  • Description of Subjects for Treatment and Control Groups
  • Description of Treatment
  • Description of Method used for Random Assignment of Subjects
  • Duration of Time Between Pre- and Post-Measures
  • A Diagram of the Experiment

b. A One-Page Questionnaire to be Used for the Pre-Test

c. A One-Page Questionnaire to be Used for the Post-Test

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