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Please answer the following T/F

12. Under FERPA, each child’s file must include a record of access, which must be signed by each staff member who withdraws that student’s file.

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13. Minor child who is a trespasser may be entitled to damages if school creates an attractive nuisance that causes injury.

14 Official immunity is the same as governmental immunity.

17. State constitutional provisions empowering the legislature to provide for a system of public schools confer on the legislature the authority to tax and distribute funds for public schools.

19. The state Supreme Court of Texas invalidated state legislative funding of public schools because wide disparities violated the “efficient” provision of the state constitution

Please answer the following with “Agree or Disagree”

23. After a hurricane had damaged a tree near a school, the tree was removed, but a stump remained. When Alice Watson took her class out to play at recess, she told them to stay away from the stump. Van was playing near the stump and was warned two additional times to stay away. The teacher, while observing another part of the playground, did not see Van get hurt on the stump. Van sustained a lacerated pancreas. Van’s parents sued the teacher for negligence.

Agree = for the Plaintiff, the parents; Disagree = for the Defendants, the school and the teacher

24. andy Esco, a 13-year-old student, was playing touch football during recess. He fell into a 10-foot ditch that was hidden by weeds while participating in the game and was severely injured. His parents sued, claiming negligence since Randy was a new student at the school and the teacher should have warned him of the danger. The defendants claimed contributory negligence.

Agree = for the Plaintiff, the parents; Disagree = for the Defendant, the teacher

25. A teacher was directing the play “Lil Abner,” and decided to use live shells in the shotguns with the powder, wadding, and the shot removed. During the show when the shotguns were fired a student was hit by wadding and was injured. The students had removed the shot, but had stuffed newspaper in the shell. The teacher had not inspected the shells or guns before the play. The parents of the injured student sued. The teacher claimed that the students were old enough to follow her instructions to remove all dangerous materials.

Agree = for the Plaintiff, the parents; Disagree = for the Defendant, the teacher/school

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