Rasmussen College Module 1 Samsung Galaxy Note7 Recall Paper

Please read the Course Project Introduction, if you have not already done so. For this module’s project assignment, you will select a company and brand that has experienced a crisis situation and discuss the crisis situation. Some examples of crises that companies may face include the following:

  • Product recall (for example, due to product safety issues) that resulted in illness, injury or death
  • Environmental disaster caused by the company’s product
  • Negative publicity for any other reasons (for example, poor manufacturing processes, dangerous raw materials/ingredients, unsafe labor practices, other scandals)

To complete this assignment, do the following:

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  1. Research a company that has experienced a crisis in the last ten years. Cite at least two credible news sources for your paper.
  2. In a minimum of 2 pages, include the following information about the company:
    • Discuss the company and brand you plan to focus on for the project and explain why you selected it.
    • Explain the crisis situation. The situation must be a real situation that happened or is currently happening.
    • Outline the past, present, or future impact of the crisis situation. What are the negative effects of the crisis? Who or what was (or could have been) harmed by the crisis?
  3. Include in-text citations and a title and reference page formatted according to APA standards.

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