Research and Evaluation

A section of the hypothesis deals with the methodology you would employ in your proposed final course project.

The task of this assignment is to present a well-developed rationale for the type of research you propose along with a substantive rationale for the statistical data analysis process you propose for the intended research investigation. Ensure the following in your written response for this assignment:

  • Restate the need for your final project research investigation.
  • Restate the formulated research question.
  • Refine your testable hypothesis (both null and alternate) where it is needed.
  • Stipulate the independent or dependent variables being investigated.
  • Present the type of parametric or nonparametric inferential statistical process (correlation, difference, or effect) you would use in your proposed research investigation and give reasons for your choice. A sound rationale must accompany the selection.
  • Declare an acceptable behavioral research alpha level you would use to fail to accept or fail to reject the stated null hypothesis and explain your choice.
  • Identify the type of measurement instrument to be used to garner the raw numeric data to be statistically analyzed and the type of measurement data the instrument produces.

Write your response in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document.

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