Research Article Critque

The article critique paper must:


Be a minimum of 9 typed pages, size 12 font, double spaced with 1 inch margins, NOT including the Cover and References pages

Have an APA style cover page and reference page

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Be proofread and contain minimal to no grammar errors, misspellings, incorrect APA formatting, or typographical errors)

Cover all components denoted in the Critique Outline below


Article Critique Outline


Below are the major elements required for the peer-reviewed journal article critique paper and their associated point values.  The paper should be structured to contain the major category headings below including the:


Data Analysis
 (called Results in some articles)
Communicating Findings (often called Interpretation in articles).

The above heading should be included in the paper. For example, the first level heading will be entitled Introduction and listed under that heading there should be eight second level headings which are-



Issue identified in the article
Source of the issue
Significance of the issue
Feasibility of the issue for study
Scope of the literature review
Theoretical context of the issue
Hypotheses/research questions
Variables of interest



Description of the research design
Control of extraneous variables
Assessing internal and external validity
How the sample was obtained
Measurement instruments
Reliability and validity of those instruments
Sources of measurement error
Ethical considerations


Data Analysis

Data analysis procedures
Presentation of results; Use of tables
Interpretation of results


Communicating Findings

Discussion of findings
Alternative explanations
Implications for the practitioner
Implications for future research




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