Research Methods

Compare and contrast two research methods and identify types of situations in which one would be more appropriate than the other.

Criminal justice professionals will utilize a variety of different research methods. Some of these methods are listed below.

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  • Experimental research is a type of study that is conducted within the criminal justice system to evaluate a new policy or procedure that has been implemented. This type of research method measures the efficacy of the decision that was made.
  • Surveys and questionnaires may be a bit more versatile. Criminal justice professionals use this type of research method to gather data from the external environment (i.e., the surrounding community).
  • Crime mapping is a research method used to analyze and interpret crime data. This research method correlates aspects of crimes such as location, patterns, and the specific types of crimes being committed.
  • Systematic literature review collects and analyzes multiple existing research studies or papers.

Utilizing these research methods create a greater opportunity for making an effective decision.

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