Research Methods and Presentation

Research Methods and Presentation
1. To develop a personal, reflective definition of the determinants of health.
2. To practice academic writing in a clear and concise manner.
3. To communicate your ideas clearly to the reader.


In this paper, you are asked to develop and construct your definition of the determinants of
health by analyzing and incorporating TWO definitions of others. You are asked to do this by
drawing on 6 credible sources.

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For this paper, credible sources include:

a. assigned readings for the course;

b. books and academic papers from published journals; and/or

c. electronic sources (periodicals, databases, data sets).

The sources you will be referring to must not be older than 2004. You can also draw from class
discussions or what you will have learnt from guest speakers to think around the definition of the
determinants of health.


The paper must be a minimum of 6 and maximum of 8 typed, double-spaced pages, 12-point Times
New Roman font that;

1) summarizes in your own words TWO definitions of others,

2) compares and contrasts these definitions, and

3) explains your personal definition of the determinants of health.

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