research methods in school counseling beginning of an action research proposal paper topic selection and abstract |

Please only bid if you have experience writing Action-Research Papers and having experience working with school-age children!

The project will acclimated to a final Action-Research Proposal/Paper. The goal is to submit parts to polish a Final Literature Review Paper.

This part will need to include: a cover page, abstract, topic selection, and (I have already done the 15 reference page.)

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Formulate a question, what question do I want to answer?

Clarify a target group. (Maybe low-income families)

Pick a factor to focus on, and interventions, what supports are there to reach desired solution?

Identify, a topic suitable for the literature review. This topic will be used for all other writing for the course. Review the 15 journal articles. Create a cover page with a title, an abstract (around 500 words).

Apa standard.

I have attached the first few journal articles. There are 15 in total.


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