Research paper for Operations Management

write a report for “compare and contrast two of the organizations” 1.)compare two organizations could be Coca-Cola company VS Pepsi company, GM company VS Ford company, Macdonald VS Wendy, etc…tip:compare two big famous company, will make the work easier)


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1. An Executive Summary½ Page maximum … 1 Point

2. Methods/Tools of Accomplishment. Briefly describe the organization(s) you selected. You may include the mission, select goal(s) and strategy(s), then method of accomplishment like: LEAN, Six Sigma, Education, Technology, Innovation and how this directly impacted at least 2 of the following:

– Inventory- Productivity- Service – Delivery

– Financial Performance- Customer Satisfaction- Flexibility- Global Expansion

– Capacity- Organizational Rating- Quality- Brand

You must also provide a Problem Statement (up to 3 sentences).

4 Pages maximum. Problem Statement worth 3 points; this section worth 14 Points total.

3. Provide Diagrams/Models, which may include:

– Processes before and after changes, or between companies you selected

– Service Blueprints or process maps

– Other … to describe best practices (Baldrige criteria)

Minimum of 2; must be legible and clearly annotated, 5 Points

4. Provide organizational metrics (graphs and or charts are best). You may want to compare performance before and after changes. Must be legible and clearly annotated. Possible metrics include:

– Financials- Lead-Time – Inventory Levels- Utilization- Reliability

– Productivity- Efficiency- Customer Satisfaction – Capacity – Employee Turnover

Minimum of 4 areas; must be legible and clearly annotated, 8 Points

5. Answer the following:

i. What are the trends you discovered for continuous improvements in this industry?

ii. Why did you select this business/organization? Include a summary of the 3 business’ researched (noted above).

iii. What is the main Problem facing this industry and how is Operations Management engaged?

1.5 pages maximum, 6 Points

providea conclusion. ½ Page maximum, 1 Point


– There must be association with and reference taken from at least 3 chapters of our text-book.2 points(have e-book)

– On the Cover-Page, provide your name(s), class name, my name and date.1 Point

– Paper to be typed with 12 font, double spaced, neatly organized and stapled. Each page will have topic headings in bold, and show total pages (pg.1 of X).2 Points

List and detail all your references within, and at the end of your paper (a complete bibliography).MUST BE DONE TO RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THIS PAPER!!!!

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