Research Paper, Health sciences and medicine

Research Paper, Health sciences and medicine

Systematic Review on Is the Effect of Physical Activity on Cognitive Function a Risk Factor for alzheimer’s in Older Adults?
Project description
Please assigned to a writer who is well versed on writing systematic review research paper. This is an evidenced-based healthcare class for which students are to write a SHORT and CLEAR Systematic review, which are a key element of evidence-based healthcare. A systematic review is based on a clearly formulated question which explore the question IS EXPOSURE to, a risk factor for DISEASE type, in a specific POPULATION?
Topic: Is the effect of physical activity on cognitive function (exposure) a risk factor for Alzheimer’s (disease) in older adults (population)? Use a clear and comprehensive strategy to identify ALL relevant primary research articles ever published on the topic so the scope of the paper must be quite narrow. A copy of a student systematic review is also attached as a mirror to what paper will look like.
Please follow carefully the formatting rules on the submission checklist attached. Conduct a review of existing literature related to the topic in question. The aim is to identify what is already know about the topic and to determine what new information a new study could contribute. Search in relevant databases for published systematic reviews relevant to topic question.
8-10 references are required. 8 References must be peer reviewed journal articles.

TITLE PAGE should NOT be numbered.
Refer to assignment submission checklist for title page format
PAGE 2€¦begin page numbering

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ABSTRACT (100-150 words only). No citation in this section:


What criteria are you going to use? What information are you looking for €“ the type of study (techniques, what patients, etc) €“ be very specific and make sure that the type of data that you are looking for will be relevant to the research question and that you have not drifted off the topic.

Based on the method used, what were the result of the study? What were your findings?

Summarize key results with reference to study objectives.

This is the reader’s first exposure to the subject matter and so the introduction should summarize the topic area and also say why a systematic review was necessary. The introduction should end with a sentence which states clearly the aims of the review; be careful not to duplicate statements made elsewhere. The briefer, the better.

Here you would describe what data you extracted from the research or study, such as description of included patients/population/disease, how many had which outcome, what the summary statistics, whether you read data off graphs if not provided numerically and what you did if serial results were reported, i.e. which one did you choose.

Describe the results in a logical order. Here you describe the actual results or whatever approach was taken.

the conclusion needs to start with a simple statement summarizing the major finding from the review research paper. If you have found that there is simply not enough evidence to arrive a definite conclusion then you should state that.
New page

REFERENCES: (8 to 10 peer review articles references)
8 of which must be from peered reviewed articles, journal, with website links. from PUBMED,10&as_vis=1&q=Is+the+effect+of+physical+activity+on+cognitive+function+a+risk+factor+for+alzheimer%27s+in+older+adults

(the above links were taken from this website)’s%20disease.pdf

Other database:
New page (after reference page)

TABLE (last page) €“ (see submission checklist)
title for table: Table 1: Summary of included articles
column headings: Peer-reviewed, Country, Study Year, Study design, Sample size, Key finding

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