Research paper: Impact of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency on Financial Services

I don’t have the outline yet for this topic. But here is my thought my paper should address these questions ( you feel free to develop more ideas):

– Will financial service use blockchain as future technology? If it has lots of advantages, so it raises question : cryptocurrencies is a tool of blockchain, so will cryptocurrencies replace cash in the future? – Blockchain transformation in banking sector. Measure the performance, to see what goods and bads for banking of using blockchain.

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My professor want this paper will add knowledge to readers. The paper should has 1 argument, and support for that claim. After reading this paper, reader may believe your claim or not.

In the introduction: address why this topic is important to study.

Body: research position and try to argue at least 3 points

Possible ideas to use in this paper: historical data, historical trends, economic policy, statistical information, and academic studies, presentation and analysis of data: data set, graphs and charts, spreadsheets, federal reserve data and politicians.

Please include some graphs or charts….

– MLA format

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