Research paper on accounting

Need 10 pages research paper on any topic of Managerial accounting. With following outline

1) Title/Abstract:

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a. State the title of this study.

b. Paraphrase the key aspects of the Abstract.

2) Introduction:

a. Describe the general area to be studied.

b. Identify a more specific problem within the general area of study.

c. Describe why the problem is important to study and what is known about the problem.

d. State the specific purpose of the study and the research questions.

3) Literature Review:

a. List the topics/headings of the Literature Review.

b. How many different sources were cited in the Literature Review?

c. Briefly summarize the Literature Review.

4) Data Analysis:

a. What methodology was used; qualitative, quantitative, mixed?

b. Summarize the analysis.

5) Results/Conclusion:

a. Did the data analysis prove or disprove the research questions? Describe.

b. Summarize the results of the study

c. Describe any theoretical or practical consequences of the results.

d. Describe the limitations of the study.

6) How can the results and conclusions presented in this study be applied to your particular topic?

7) Please provide the reference for this article.

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