Research Paper –white collar crime committed by a specific profession or a specific type of company–

Research Paper: Write a paper based upon the topic of your choosing and professor approval. Your topic must be a type of white collar crime committed by a specific profession or a specific type of company. It is not a case study. The paper should include a description of how the crime is generally committed and how we can better prevent the crime.

This paper should be five pages and submitted in APA format.

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You must use at least four sources and at least two scholarly sources must be used. Explain and support your views.

This paper will be graded based on content, clarity, organization, and use of proper grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Basically, you are choosing a type of crime and describing how it is usually committed. Then, the majority of your paper is how society, not individuals, could better prevent the crime.

“””Some topic examples are CEOs that commit insider trading, corporate employees that steal customer information, sole practitioner attorneys that embezzle client funds for personal expenses, doctors who commit Medicare fraud by upcoding, etc”””

Narrow your topic by naming the job the criminals have and exactly what action they are doing that is criminal.

You may mention a specific case as an example of your crime, but it should only be very brief.

I need to approve the topic first. So before doing anything you are going to send me the topic first.

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