Research project in Riyada (SMEs) in Oman

This is the steps of the research project you have follow th

Table of contents steps must be 10000 words

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i will attach sample for the research but you have follow this steps:

Topic: RIyada (SMEs) in oman…

1. Introduction

a. Introduction about the organization

b. Background of the study

c. Key terms used

d. Objectives of the research

e. Research questions

f. Scope of the research

g. Hypothesis

2. Research methodology

a. Type of research

b. Research philosophy

c. Sample characteristics (sample size, features,

scope, etc)

d. Limitations of the study

e. Data collection methods

f. Ethical issues of the research

3. Literature review

a. Secondary data / published information about

the company (vision, mission, product types /

service types of the chosen organization)

b. Introduction and meaning of the topic

(employee engagement)

c. Types

d. Advantages & disadvantages

e. Features

f. Implications

g. Training and development

4. Data analysis & interpretation

a. Primary data

i. Interview

ii. Questionnaire

b. Critical analysis of ___

c. Findings of primary data

5. Conclusion & suggestions

a. Conclusion

b. Suggestions

c. Limitations of the study

d. Future role or usage of the research

6. References / bibliography

7. Appendix.

– when you finish from my assignment i have to submit in turnitin and that website its looking or searching in my assignment words if i taken from any resource of ( internet, students , books, newspaper …) so you have be careful in that to not become higher then 5%

* please go though the question and follow the steps please. If there is any thing inform me.

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