Research project & Presentation. Marketing

Look to the attachment it has all the information.

  • Write a brief summary about the product / service / brand that you have chosen. The most important part of this part of the project is to show that you understand what the key competitive advantage of the product / service / brand is and how they have achieved this
  • Through primary research (surveys / interviews / focus groups), you are required to see what potential customers think about the product / service / brand that you have chosen. You are also required to show proof of primary research
  • Design an advertisement showing the key competitive advantage and what customers think about and want from this product / service / brand. You are required to use the primary research that you have done in step 2 to design a creative advertisement. The advertisement can be in any form e.g. poster, media, video, radio etc.
  • Write a summary about how your advertisement has served its purpose and explain how it shows the key advantages and the wants and needs of the customer.

The report should be a maximum of 8 pages, single spaced. This might be challenging but you must think about what should be added and what you can attach to the appendix. The main part of the project is the advertisement and how it shows what you learned about the brand and the customer.

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