Research (read instructions)

Research component:

Find at least five related articles and/or research/statistical reports on the current trends in Health Care Market in the USA.

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  1. Use the FNU-Electronic databases and external sources like (not limited to) to find the material needed above.
  2. Craft a “report” based on the findings after studying the materials and arriving at conclusions from their content.
  3. Do not make comments/descriptions separately by articles; make comments based on the interpretation of the material; use tables, figures, etc. if needed to illustrate your rationale. So, the material to be used must be all related.
  4. The submittal must follow the APA style requirements and must be more than four pages long.

Submission Requirements:

1. Written answer of 100 words or more in APA style for all the questions, so ample explanations in your own words based on your rationale and experience are needed to get an “A”.

2. This assignment must be sent through the Turnitin link shown below. It must be 100% original

Due day by Monday, June 18th, 2018, end of the day.

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