research report


The research report should be well-written, well-organized, complete, concise, easy to read, double-spaced, times new roman, 12 font; minimum of 5 pages, but no more than 9 pages long (the title and reference pages are not included in the page count), The paper must follow the American Psychological Association style guide (American Psychological Association (6thed.). Organize your paper clearly; you may Use diagrams, charts, and tables when useful, with full labels and legends. The paper is graded on content, format, clarity, and writing skill (see Rubric below)

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Research paper, will focus on a selected topic and research question. Pick one topic from the list below:

Where did global warming come from?

What causes global warming?

What is the difference between global warming and the greenhouse effect?

What is the difference between global warming and climate change?

How does carbon dioxide cause global warming?

Is it true that global warming does not exist?

What does pollution do to people and the environment?

Where does electronic waste end up?

What types of electronics can I recycle?

What are e-waste Recycling Laws?



Qualities & Criteria


The title is appropriate
– Very good (5)
– Good (3-4)
– Poor (1-2)


The introduction states the objectives in terms that encourage the reader
– Very good (5)
– Good (3-4)
– Poor (1-2)


The topic is appropriately covered
– The topic is explored in depth / Very interesting for researchers (18-20)
– The ideas in the paper are correct but there is not much exploration of the topic (12-17)
– The ideas in the paper have not much relevance/ Not very interesting (4-11)


Originality, overall value added
– New information, new perspective, issue, or problem definition (9-10)
– Clarity to present understanding, confirmation of present knowledge (6-8)
– Not much (2-5)


Originality/Similarity Index Score
– 25%-35% (15-10)
– 36%-49% (9-6)
– 50%-75% (5-0) Note: > 75% (the research grade may result in a failing grade)


Clarity and readability of the paper.
– Easy to read (9-10)
– Readable – but requires some effort to understand (6-8)
– Difficult to read and understand (2-5)


The text is supported by figures and tables
– Very good (5 )
– Good (3-4)
– Poor (1-2)


The conclusions clearly summarize the main results and contributions of the paper
– Very good (9-10)
– Good (6-8)
– Poor (2-5)


The paper contains sufficient and appropriate five references
– References are new and a large number of good references were cited (3-5)
– References are good but some new references could be cited (1-2)
– References are old and/or there are well-known references that are not cited (2-5)


Language and style
– The paper could be published without any intervention (5)
– Occasional errors in style (3-4)
– Paper needs to be checked for language and style errors (1-2)


Proper length and APA format
– Very good ( 5 )
– Good (3-4)
– Poor (1-2)




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