scholarly nature—internet sources from Wikipedia

You can choose between 1. The Tempest is often thought to have been informed by the New World. In which ways does it make sense to read the play as one that deals with political issues particular to New World discourse? 2. Goethe’s Faust: Is there a way out for Dr. Faustus? Could the outcome be anything else? In what central ways is this a play that is different from Mediaeval morality plays? (Do some research on these, please!) Is this a problem play that prefigures those written by William Shakespeare, Henrik Ibsen, and George Bernard Shaw, plays that dwell on and discuss one particular social and/or economic problem? If so, what is the problem being treated in Dr. Faustus, and what is the play’s position? Finally: is Faust€”however unsuccessful and superficial his quest€”a humanistic hero, a brave scientist who pushes human knowledge forward to boundaries unknown, one who dares to go where no man has ever gone? If so, then how disappointed are we€”or how satisfied, for that matter€”about the play’s treatment of allegory? ? €¢ 3. In what ways does Montaigne’s essay on cannibals align with the main themes found in later Romantic thought? What are the hallmarks of Romanticism? And what do we usually associate with the Renaissance? Focusing on politics, authority, freedom, nature, civilization, and human rationality versus emotion, n what ways is Montaigne’s essay useful to read alongside one major Romantic work we have read this term? Please, no comparison-and-contrast or summaries.
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At least four outside sources of a serious, scholarly nature€”internet sources from Wikipedia or

any non-database, non-peer-reviewed sources will be automatically given the zero, with terrible consequences. Absolutely no collaboration
? Plagiarized papers will result in an automatic zero for the whole course (please see syllabus

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€¢ MLA format is required throughout
€¢ Please, no other font than 12pt. Word or Office (odt) format€”Google Docs will not be

€¢ No informality, please. Dress up the diction.
€¢ Essays must never aIDress the reader as you€“this point is crucial.

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