Signature Assignment Part 1 Assignment

I already have 10 pages on my first draft.

The second draft of your literature review is due this week. As a reminder, you are building from previous assignments. Your literature review should include at least 20 scholarly sources and revisions to your literature review based on your instructor’s feedback. The goal of this assignment is to ensure that you have conducted a broad, comprehensive review of the literature so that you may gain a global understanding of the research in your chosen topic area. This knowledge will eventually be useful when you need to identify potential lines of inquiry for your dissertation. Finally, please ensure your draft is in adherence with the publication requirements of the APA Publication Manual (6th ed.) and that your draft is free of typographical and grammatical errors. This is a kind reminder that you should continually proofread your work.

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Length: 15-20 pages, with a minimum of 20 peer-reviewed references included in the review (this page length requirement does not include the reference list)

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