Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Part 2 PowerPoint Presentation with Detailed Speaker Notes No Plagiarism

I am currently in a master’s graduate course for “Operations Management” that I would appreciate help on for this “Part 2” Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Part 2 PowerPoint project pertaining to DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve,and control) for my “Amazon” company that I chose pertaining to increasing online order delivery of products and items faster since when reading thru some information, there seems to be a problem with that in this large organization.

This PowerPoint Presentation has to consist of 10-to-15 slides at the most, but can be more. Has to include “detailed speaker notes when it comes to giving a professional presentation to executives and senior management team, no plagiarism and will be checked, also, APA citations and references used and any website pic images have to be properly APA cited as well.

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Here is the following breakdown of the assignment:

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is for students to receive Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Executing DMAIC Six Sigma quality improvement (analyze, improve, and control) projects.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Microsoft® PowerPoint®

Use the same business you chose and has been observing and collecting data for the Week 3 Assignment (Attached is my Week 3 Amazon PowerPoint Presentation of Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training, Part 1 consisting of “define and measure” aspects”).

  • Introduction (1 slide)
  • Presentation Overview (1 slide)
  • Incorporate in Week 3 slides pertaining to the DMAIC “define and measure phases” (estimated 2-4 slides of each?) Attached is my Week 3 Amazon Part 1 Presentation and the “define phases” are slides 7-13; the “measure phases” are slides 14-15): 2-4 slides from previous presentation based on what slides of each would incorporate best within this presentation?

Execute the analyze phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC project including the following:

  • Determine the most likely causes of defects.( 2 slides?)
  • Understand why defects are generated by identifying the key variables most likely to create process variation.(2 slides?)
  • Identify necessary/unnecessary process steps.(1-2 slides?)

Execute the improve phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC project including the following:

  • Identify means to remove the causes of defects.(1 slide?)
  • Confirm the key variables and quantify their effects on the critical-to-quality characteristics (CTQs).(1-2 slides?)
  • Identify the maximum acceptance ranges of the key variables and a system for measuring deviations of the variables.(1-2 slides?)
  • Modify the process to stay within an acceptable range.(1 slide?)

Execute the control phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC project including the following:

  • Determine how to maintain the improvements.(1-2 slides?)
  • Determine how to monitor and control improvements.(1 slide?)
  • Put tools in place to ensure that the key variables remain within the maximum acceptance ranges under the modified process.(tools such as flowcharts, run charts, pareto charts, check sheets, diagrams, FMEA, DOE, etc.)(1-2 slides?)
  • Conclusion (1 slide?)
  • References (include direct web links professionally cited in APA) (1 slide)

Utilize all analytical tools available for Six Sigma as permitted or appropriate including, but not limited to: flowcharts, run charts, Pareto charts, checksheets, cause-and-effect diagrams, opportunity flow diagram, process control charts, failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA), design of experiments (DOE) and lean tools. Students can use templates located in the text or online sources. (Has to be included within this presentation for analytical tools under the “control phase” topic…not sure which ones would be best to use honestly and would appreciate help on how to create this “analytical tools” on PowerPoint and how to interpret and explain them within speaker notes?)

Develop a 10- to 15-slide or more Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including talking points, highlighting your work on the three phases of the Six Sigma process improvement project.

Format your assignment as if you would be giving a presentation to senior management.

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