Summary ofthe article

Summary ofthe article

What are the key points/arguments raised by the author or authors?

b. Name of article and

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c. Brief summary ofthe article

d. 5 key points ofthe article

2. Evaluation ofthe article (Minimum 2 pages)

Select at

least three key points from the article and compare them to what other reliable resources say about the topic. A list of acceptable
resources can be found at the bottom ofthis page.

Does your article agree or disagree with your other sources?

Does the article

aID new information or a different perspective than your other sources? Is it valuable to your understanding ofinfants and toIDlers?

3. Implications for Early Childhood Educators (Approx. 1 page)

For each of yourthree key points, talk about what it means to the

way you will educate and care forvery young children. ldentify specific things that you would do in your classroom if you were working with
infants ortoIDlers.

4. References

Use APA style of referencing throughout paper and References page.

Remember, you must only use

the 3 references from the list below:

o ELECT framework-Ministry of Education website

o Zerotothree website

o lnfant Mental Health Promotion


Lastly please label each section ofthe paper into sub headings please and thank you.

I have also attached the article which you

need to read and write the review on. Best ofluck. If you need anything let me know.

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