The Electromagnetic Spectrum

  • Watch the video titled “What Are Gamma Rays?” (1 min 39 sec) under  the Gamma Rays terms section of the Science Corner. You can also view  the video at  Next, give your opinion on whether or not the benefits of space  exploration to the Moon and Mars outweigh the risks and costs of  exposing such travelers to gamma rays above Earth’s atmosphere. Provide a  rationale for your response.
  • Watch the video  titled “Video Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum” (5 min 3 sec) under  the EM Spectrum terms section of the Science Corner. You can also view  the video at . Next, describe one to two (1-2) ways that you encounter and utilize electromagnetic radiation in your daily life. Note: Feel free to include both naturally occurring examples, as well as any man-made technologies.
  • Choose a technology device that makes use of the EM Spectrum. Next, explain how this device works using terminology you learn form the videos…

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