The first step will be to select a project that you plan to develop a human recourse strategy plan for. This project will be used as the basis for each of the assignments throughout the course and should conform to the following guidelines:

  1. Nontrivial: The selected project candidate should reflect a real-life project.
  2. Domain knowledge: You will be applying knowledge of this project to address assignments related to motivating and supporting the human resource component of the project.
  • Use word (4000 or more words total )
  • Title page
    • Course number and name
    • Project name
    • Your name
    • Date
  • Table of Contents (TOC)
    • Use an autogenerated TOC.
    • This should be on a separate page.
    • This should be a maximum of 3 levels deep.
    • Be sure to update the fields of the TOC so that it is up-to-date before submitting your project.
  • Section Headings (create each heading on a new page with “TBD” as content, except for Week 1)
    • Project Outline
      • Brief description of the project
      • Overall project deliverable
      • Material can be taken from approved proposal submitted to instructor, and will serve as the draft for the proposal
    • Communication and Leadership Style Assessment
      • Select 1 of the links that you researched in this week’s Discussion Board, and assess your leadership style.



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    • Put together a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis based on the results of the assessment, listing a minimum of 3 under each category.
  • Motivating Project Team Strategy (1,000 words )
    • Describe the method that you will use to determine how each team member is motivated. (This can be the assessment tool that you researched in the Discussion Board.)
    • Describe the theory that most closely aligns with how you intend to motivate your team.
    • Describe which facilitation techniques you will use to have the project team input to the motivation plan and which team-building activities that you plan to implement. Provide a visual example.
    • What activities or tasks have you added to the project plan to make sure that this important activity is not overlooked?
  • Project Conflict and Stress Identification Process ( 500 words)
    • Identify potential sources of conflict within your project.
    • Describe how you will determine if they are good or bad conflict.
    • Identify potential sources of stress within your project.
    • Describe methods that you can employ to reduce stress.
  • Consensus Decision Making Process
    • Describe what your approach will be to consensus decision making.
    • Outline the process that would be used from the initial decision that needs to be made to full decision implementation.
    • What are some of the facilitation tools that can be utilized to gain consensus
  • Conflict Management Strategy
    • Strategies to deal with conflict
    • Overall conflict management process
    • Conflict mediation process if conflict cannot be resolved internally
  • Communications Plan
    • Prepare a plan for overall project management communications with project sponsors including frequency and types of reports.
    • Prepare a plan for overall project management communications with project stakeholders including frequency and types of reports.
    • Prepare a plan for overall project management communications with the project team, both formal and informal.
    • Identify any other organization members that you will need to communicate with and how you would approach them, such as those asking for changes.
  • Project Leadership Strategy
    • Describe a leadership strategy and challenges in terms of the organization as a whole and any politics that may exist.
    • Describe a leadership strategy in terms of project team and developing them into a high-performance team.
    • Describe a leadership strategy in terms of preparing project stakeholders for the change brought about by the delivery of the selected project.

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