Tinea Corporis

1.What medication have you chosen?
Why have you selected this medication in this situation?
Justify your selection over the alternatives.
What class of medication are you choosing and why?
Tell me why you chose this med and not others, and include the pharmacodynamics action of the med you are choosing versus the other options.
*********Include either a research article or evidence-based guideline that supports your decision-making and selection process. Give
your rationale, and reference your information.******************VERY IMPORTANT EVIDENCE BASED AND GIVE A RATIONALE AND REFERNCE INFORMATION

2. List 3-5 instructional points you would include in educating the patient/parents.

There are probably many things you could include in your instruction, but DO NOT EXCEED 5
POINTS. Select the most important points relative to this medication and this
case. Dont just copy and paste into this section. Make it meaningful to this patient.

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3. What are the potential side effects and/or adverse drug reactions, and
how should they be managed?
What would you expect that your patient might experience, and what are your worst- case scenarios? If these occur, what would you want your patient to do?

4. What are the potential drug interactions for this patient, and what would your education and
management be? (NOTE: This answer may be none.) Dont just copy and paste drug interactions into this area.
What is applicable for this patient?

5. Did you prescribe a generic or a brand/trade name?
Is there a generic version of this medication available? If so, what is it called? Is there a brand/trade version of this
If so, what is an example of this? What is your rationale for prescribing or not
prescribing a generic preparation?

6. What is the cost of this medication?
How does it compare with other options available for this patient? Is the medication as you prescribe it on the $4 lists available at area stores?

7. How would you monitor the efficacy of this medication? Specifically, when would you
expect this medication to work?
When would you want to see this patient again?
Are there lab tests or other information that you would need to gather to see if this medication is
How do you know the medication is efficacious?

8. Should this option fail, what are the alternative treatment plans? Specifically aIDress what
medication you would use as well as how and when you would use it. Alternatives can
include prescription, herbal/ nutritional, and OTC.

9. How would this treatment be changed if the patient is pregnant? Specifically, what category
in pregnancy is this medication?
How would you approach this medication with a pregnant patient?

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