Topic: Treatment Plan

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For this Assignment, you will evaluate a case study. Click here to watch a presentation of the Case of George. If you would like a transcript of the presentation,

click here.

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Explain how you would work with George by aIDressing the following areas:

1. Explore the ethical issues associated with working with George. What are your ethical concerns as you begin working with George? What ethical responsibilities

might you need to consider in constructing an assessment plan for George? Explain the unique ethical considerations we face when working with George, as well as

when working with elder client populations.

2. Identify your initial counseling goals for George. What would your initial treatment goals be for George? What might your initial theoretical approach and treatment

plan for working with George be? Support your choice. What areas of assessment will you initially focus upon? Why?

3. What is your perspective on incorporating George’s input into his treatment planning and goal setting? How might you entice him to become actively involved in

such a process?

4. How would you plan to take advantage of George’s support systems? What do you consider his greatest assets for improvement? His greatest challenges? How

might you plan to use both his advantages and disadvantages in constructing a treatment plan for George?

Your Unit 7 Assignment should be presented in the form of a well-written, university-level document. The body of the work should be 4 to 6 double-spaced pages (a

total of 6 to 8 pages including the cover page and reference page). double-spaced, and created in Times New Roman 12-point font. All work should be in your own

words with quotes used very sparingly. Please be sure to answer every question within the body of your paper, including at least two references in support of your

observations and conclusions using proper APA citation and reference formatting.

Case Study Transcript
George is 71 years old. His wife of nearly 50 years passed away 4 months ago. He has come to his first counseling session at the insistence of his son, Michael,

who reports that George has lost interest in good food, once a passion of his; that he seldom leaves his house; and that he appears depressed and without

enthusiasm even for visits from his beloved grandchildren.
George is sullen, quiet, and almost non-communicative at first meeting. He appears unkempt and reports feelings of abandonment and detachment. While he has no

prior history of depression, his father committed suicide when George was young.

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